Residential Service

At Anglec we are committed to providing electricity to residential properties in a safe manner. An electrical inspection is required for newly constructed homes. You must complete all required inspections before we can connect your permanent electric service.

Construction Lines

For homes under construction, Anglec allows you to be connected by applying for a “construction line”. The requirements for this are as follows:

  • Approved House plan by the Department of Physical Planning
  • Must have a meter that is connected

We request that our residential customers ensure that their products are compliant with the specifications set out below:

  • 120/208 Volts, three phase, 60 Hz (four wire)
  • 120/240 Volts, single phase, 60 Hz (three wire)

Apply for Service

1 . Submit Application 
2. Receive estimate      within 15 days
3. Make Deposit